Free Quotation Templates

Here are some Free Quotation Templates created using Microsoft Word and MS Excel to help anyone in creating professional quotations quickly. No matter what kind of business one is running, he has to deal with creating quotes for his customers. Some businesses require detailed quotations including particular details of parts and service parameters while other might only be satisfied with a ball park’s estimate. However one thing is common in both cases, it must be professional and complete by means of critical elements such as business information, contact details, terms of reference and quoted amount. Depending upon your geographical location, it is also required to include/mention your business license or sales tax number on a prominent  place for regularity purposes. Without any shadow of doubt, it would be very helpful if one can get his hands on ready made quotation templates to get started.

Here is a quick overview of these Free Quotation Templates created using Microsoft Word and Excel,

Building/Construction Quotation Templates

Building/Construction Quote Template

Here is a professional Building/Construction Quote Template that can easily be used to submit construction proposals effectively. This quote template is created using MS Excel 2013 so that anyone can easily use it. Since construction business is different from other service based businesses hence it demands a special format to accommodate details of material being used to compute overall estimates. This quote template allows you to specify such details with perfection. You just need to download it from the link below to start creating your own professional Building/Construction Quotes quickly. {Download Quotation Template}

Bid Quotation Templates

Bid Quote Template

Should you have to submit a formal Bid Quote for a project, here is a professional quote template to assist you. This Bid Quote Template is created using MS Excel so that anyone can easily use it and tailor it as per situation. Every customer asking for bid proposals always expect customized details related to their project in the bid quote. Hence a special format is unavoidable in order to gain client’s attention. This bid quote template satisfy this need to its fullest potential. You can easily grab your potential client’s attention as this bid proposal will stand up among so many bid proposals. {Download Quotation Template}

Website Design Quotation Templates

Website Design Quote Template

Here is simple yet effective Website Design Quote Template that can easily be used by any website designing company to create professional quotations quickly. Website Design working is not a trivial job and hence requires careful specification of service, ETA and Installation charges. This quote template, created with MS Word, can assist you in this very task while maintaining a standard look & feel of formal quote. Just download it from the link below and get started editing it. Don’t forget to add your own business logo before sending to your client. It is also recommended to convert it into PDF format as it is most suitable for sending quotes over internet. {Download Quotation Templates}

Sales Quote Templates

Sales Quote Template

If you are doing a sales business and have to send quotation for a number products having different lines then this Sales Quote Template perfectly suites you. You can input your product description, unit price and then calculate total by applying taxes as well. Moreover you can also mention your shipping terms & conditions so that it should be neat and clear business for your customer if he is going to deal with you. {Download Quotation Templates}

Hourly Price Quotation Templates

Hourly Price Quote Template

If you are offering a service based upon time as charging unit them you will definitely need this quote template to create your quotations whenever your customer inquires about your service. This Hourly Price Quote Template is created using MS Word so that anyone can easily use it without much hassle and learning curve. After downloading it from the link below, just open it in MS Word and fill up your service details as well as unit price (per hour) basis. {Download Quotation Templates}

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Usage of Sales Quotations:

You might think that when you go out to grocery shopping and when a corporation buys its machinery and office equipment, you have the same behavior and habits, you can’t be more wrong. Depending on the type of purchase being done and the type of the company, every organization has a different pattern of buying stuff but one thing is for sure, no company buys anything out of the blue and there is a serious consideration and thinking done before a decision is made. These organizations announce their requirements in the local market and ask for potential vendors to quote their prices. These vendors and suppliers then evaluate the product or service; access how much price should be kept and then they present Sales Quotations to the buyer. After evaluating Sales Quotations, the buyer will decide which option is better for him and which choice has more features and benefits.

Useful Tips for preparing Sales Quotations:

Keep in mind that when you present a sales quote, it gives a first impression of your professional attitude to the buyer so it should be prepared with professional and formal tone. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity in the quote because it will not only give non-professional impression but it can potentially cost you that client. Make sure that the price you quote is appropriate and you have included the actual products or services that you will supply to the buyer. Once you quote the price, you won’t be able to change it afterwards.

Even if you are awarded time by the buyer to quote the price, it’s not necessary to wait for the last moment and then present your quotation but you should complete it as soon as possible and send it to the buyer within 1-2 days. Keep in mind that when you send the quotation early, it will allow the buyer to carefully review your quote. Another important thing to keep in mind is to do a full follow up of your quotation because it’s possible that buyer forgets about your letter and with your follow up, he will surely review your prices.

Importance of preparing Sales Quotation:

In order to understand the importance of a sales quotation, you need to understand the quote itself. A quote is just a simple figure that you present to the buyer and inform him about the prices on which you can supply his required products or services. If you don’t focus on the products, their quality or other related features and quote random prices, it will come back to you later when you won’t be able to supply expected items as per the demand. A successful sales quotation always portrays what the customer or buyer wants to see in the final product and what he expects to see during the supply. Always review the sales quotation as a buyer after completing it so you will understand if you have made any mistake that the buyer will find in the quotation. Regardless of all these elements, the most important thing about a sales quotation is the price that you offer to the buyer and keep in mind that you can take time to decide on this price before putting anything in front of the buyer but once you present a price, there is no way you can back out of the deal because a sales quotation is a legal document that the buyer can use against you in a legal situation.