December 1, 2020
Computer Service Quote Template

Computer Service Quotation Template

pdf templatesComputers have surrounded our entire lives and unlike a few decades ago, now it’s not possible to do your usual tasks with a computer machine. We use computers in our homes, offices, restaurants and other areas of life but not all of us are able to understand the working of a computer. For example we know that we can print a document or a picture with help of a computer but we are not sure how this works and what it takes to print a picture out of a computer. Also the computer is an electronic machine and just like any other equipment, it also has no limit to use but sometimes that creates a problem. Intentionally or by mistake, we sometimes operate the computer in a way we are not supposed to and when that happens, we break the machine.

Sure we all know how to operate a computer in most common ways but not all of us can repair when it’s broken or not working properly. In that situation, we hire an external mechanic or computer professional who knows it well and fixes our computers. As the computer market is growing around the globe, so does the maintenance companies. Now we see hundreds of computer repair or service businesses in the world. Some of them are domestic and work on local basis within some particular cities where some companies are so big that they provide their maintenance services internationally. When it comes to repair a computer, we sure want to fix the problem but we also don’t want to lose the important data we have saved in it. This is why when a business wants to hire a computer services company; it conducts a survey in the market in order to compare the charges or maintenance prices of two or more service companies. This way when someone conducts this survey, one will be able to find out the best service provider on lowest rates in the market. To do so, they ask about the price quotation of each maintenance company.

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Computer Service Quote Template

A price quotation is a professional document that contains the details of the services a company provides, their charges, duration of completion and the rules and regulations. Service providing companies supply these quotations on demand of a customer. This way the customer can compare the prices of two or more maintenance firms and make sure that they have hired the cheapest maintenance firm which still has the best services in the town. This price quotation is mostly printed on the letterhead of the company and it addresses to the particular client so that another customer won’t be able to bargain on the prices the company offered to another business. This quotation is always kept hidden from other companies so that each one gives its own price list. Mostly the client asks the maintenance companies to send the quotation via mail and after analyzing the rates of each one of them, the client announces his decision in the presence of each service provider so that they don’t have any concerns about the selection. This procedure is also known as conducting a tender in which anyone can participate.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Computer Services Quotation:

  • First of all, make sure that you provide the information or quotation on company letterhead. This way it’s more official and you can challenge the document in any court in case of a dispute or some misunderstanding.
  • Start by putting the name and position of the person who is in charge of this assignment along with the department’s name in the company.
  • Then write the list of computer services you provide along with small description of each one of them.
  • Then mention the charges of each service and if you offer a discount, mention the conditions for that too.
  • Provide the completion period of each service along with the conditions that the service provider will follow throughout the maintenance.
  • Any special clause if exists, will go at the end of the quote.
  • Hand over the quotation to the authorized person who will approve it and sign it in order to make it official.

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