December 1, 2020
Music Event Quote Template

Music Event Quote Template

pdf templatesA few years back, social gathering and family events were that fancy and people used to just invite their friends and family members for having a meal together and just sitting and chatting. But now a lot has changed and music has become a very important element of each occasion and event we have in our family or in local community. That’s the reason we always expect a band in the wedding and the birthday parties we are invited to. If it’s a wedding ceremony, the music is chosen by the happy couple and their family members and they decide if they want a rock band for the event or jazz music. This music playing culture has become so common that now we have to reserve the band of our choice three to four months before the actual event. If you don’t have that much time, it can be a little stressing for you and you may find yourself under a lot of pressure that if you have chosen the right band and if you will be able to afford it or not.

In this situation, it’s possible that you will just pick a random band without knowing their music and price specification but that’s totally wrong and it can result into big surprises or disappointments. The best way to choose a music band for your wedding or any other event is to visit number of bands or their agents and ask for their quotations. A music quote is a document that includes all the music types and their charges. This way you can compare various bands with each other and then you will find which band plays the right music according to your choice and how much it will charge you. This way you can come up with more efficient choice and estimate the price you will be paying for this expense.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Music Event Quote Template created using MS Word,

Music Event Quote Template

Here are the guidelines to create a music quote:

  • If your music band has an official letterhead, you should use that for this purpose. Otherwise it’s still okay to sign it by the authorized person to make it official.
  • Start by putting your band’s name at the top of the quotation along with the type of music you play and the names of your band members and singers.
  • If you have hired an agency or an agent who does this type of tasks for you, there is no need to mention all the above but just the name of the agent or the agency who are representing your band.
  • Then mention the specific date on which this price quotation is being made.
  • Enlist all the songs and music types you play along with the type of parties you like to play in such as birthday parties, wedding ceremony or reception event.
  • Then mention the charges for each kind of service you provide or your band is expert in along with the discount you can offer if you are hired for the entire ceremony which includes number of events.
  • If you have special conditions or rules, mention that at the end of the quotation.
  • Approve this quote from an authorized person and ask him to sign the document along with the validation date.

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