October 28, 2020
Interior Design Quote Template

Interior Design Quotation Template

pdf templatesInterior designing is a booming industry for a simple and unquestionable reason: it matters. We as humans seek shelter to live in, and as civilization has matured over the centuries, our aesthetic tastes have also developed. We now care about what our living room looks like, whether the lighting sets our mood, or the wallpaper makes us feel at home. Beauty aside, the practice of interior design is a powerful tool. Interior surroundings matter so much to the human instinct that its design can alter the way a person feels when he or she walks into a room, a technique used in conjunction with architecture in many meeting rooms and private halls. It is no surprise, therefore, that many interior designing firms exist to provide services to homes and businesses alike.

Interior design, simply put, is the art of making something useful out of space, so as to maximize its functionality. Interior designers have to take many things into account when given a project. The first thing to look at is the nature of the area. Different environments require different designs; therefore specialist interior designers cater to commercial, domestic, healthcare and military buildings, among others. It is the job of the interior designer to make sure a given space conforms to the client’s specifications. If, for example, the space to be designed is a small room for an avid reader, an interior designer may come up with an idea for book shelves fixed to the walls, as an alternate to bookshelves on the floor which may take up valuable space. Designers also have to look after technical issues, such as lighting and sound behavior, and may recommend changes in construction under the approval of an architect or consultation firm.

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Interior Design Quote Template

A Quotation, or bid, is a common method used by interior design firms to get jobs. It is basically a contract document between client and provider, containing details of service costs, product procurement, details of plans and technical documents. Typically, a customer may invite quotations from several different firms, choosing the one that best caters to his or her needs. Hence bidding is generally competitive, and most firms strive to keep prices low on the quotation so as to have a better chance of getting the project. Others may keep the prices high on the promise and reputation of superior quality. Price settling, therefore, is simply a matter of company policy and tactics.

It is important to fully obtain and understand all the details of a project before starting on its quotation. The firm needs to accurately estimate the cost of furniture and construction amendments so as to give the customer a clear picture of how much he or she will be paying. It is common practice for firms to buy products such as furniture and paint on behalf of the customer, under the agreement that it will be compensated for later. The firm should make sure that it has enough financial flow to make these purchases, before drafting a quotation for a project.

Quotations are used in many fields where a project, spanning over a period of time, is up for sale. It is an efficient and fair way of conveying project cost, time span and technical details to the client.  Well written and accurate quotations which cater to the client’s need and take into account the interior design firm’s capabilities and limitations can result in healthy growth of the interior design firm’s business.

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