October 28, 2020
Computer Repair Invoice Template

Computer Repair Invoice Template

pdf templatesThe computer is an important part of any business to work properly, because it enables you to keep your data secure without engaging maximum space for hard files. Every business has a great reliance on the computer technology, therefore they have a full-time technician to fix the errors and defaults in the system. If you have experience working as a computer technician, you can start your own computer repair business, but do not forget to design a computer repair invoice, because after rendering services, it is time to design a perfect invoice for your business.

Tips to Design Computer Repair Invoice

The computer repair invoice will help your customer to know how much money he/she has to pay against your services. You have to include complete payment details on your invoice including tax information, GST (Goods and Services Tax) and/or PST (Provincial Sales Tax). It is important to include all details accurately in the invoice and following are some tips that will help you to write a perfect invoice for your business.

Here is preview of this Free Computer Repair Invoice Template created using MS Word,

Computer Repair Invoice Template

Important Contents for Your Computer Repair Invoice

There are some specific types of contents that should be included in every type of invoice. Your invoice should contain:

  • The name of your business.
  • Date of your invoice.
  • Your business number and GST registration number.
  • The name of purchases.
  • A brief description of goods and services.
  • Total amount to be paid and payable.
  • The terms of payment.

Highlight those items that are subjected to GST and provide an appropriate provincial rate. It is important to indicate those items that are subject to PST and also include total rate of tax.

Design a Sample Invoice

  • It is important to design a sample invoice for your business with complete details according to the needs of your computer repair business, and use it as a template. It will be really easy to use sample invoice, as you just have to change serial number, name of the customer and details of services and take its printout on the letterhead of your company.
  • Your sample invoice should include the address of your business and address of your customer who take your services. You can leave some space on the computer repair invoice to write a description of your services.
  • Write a statement at the bottom of the invoice that the invoice amount is due within 30 days or more. You have to define your own payment terms, according to your business, including due date to avoid problems in the payment collection.

Common Mistakes in the Computer Repair Invoice

  • Do not forget to write payment terms on your computer repair invoice, because the absence of your payment terms may increase conflicts between you and your customers. It may cause delay in the collection of your payment.
  • Cross check the contact details and other contents of the computer repair invoice, because it will serve as a promotional tool for your business, and you have to take full advantage of this opportunity to promote your business.
  • Use standard format to design your business invoice and clearly write about income tax, sales tax and PST. Maintain a complete record of your computer repair invoice to have proof of every payment you have to collect from your customers.

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