December 1, 2020
Roofing Quote Template

Roofing Quotation Template

pdf templatesRoof is one of the most important elements of a building either it’s commercial or housing. Roof is the sheet made of various materials that covers the upper part of a building in order to make it safe for living. It saves it from the bad weather conditions and many other factors. Same like any other part of a building, the roof also has an effective life time or an expiry date after which, it needs some repair of maintenance. Usually a roof in a common building has the effective life of 70 to 100 years after which it needs to be removed. This process of removing a roof or repairing is called roofing and it needs to be done on periodic basis. But the thing is that it isn’t that easy to remove a roof or repair it. It needs a very professional contactor to perform this task and also it costs a lot to complete so in order to repair or redone your house roof, you need to do a little effort before assigning this task to any random contractor. The key task in this survey is to get the roofing quotes from different contractors.

A roofing quote is a professional document that states the services that a contractor will provide you and the charges in exchange of these services. When you want to repair or redone your house roof, it takes a lot from your pocket and you don’t want to hire a contractor who is not that best as he is costing this maintenance work. This is why you meet various contractors, provide them your needs and requirements, ask them to pay a visit on the site to see the actual maintenance work and then you ask them to provide you a roofing quote. This quote is only provided by the demand of a client and every client needs to provide it in order to seal the deal. This way when you have roofing price quotations from various contractors, you compare their services, quality of those services and the charges against each service. The price of each quote depends upon the type of roof, type of maintenance work, the availability of building material and the methods implemented by the contractor. Once you have all the information you need, you can choose more wisely and estimate which contractor is offering the best services on cheaper prices and how much time he has mentioned for the completion of the task.

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Roofing Quote Template

Here are the guidelines to create a roofing quote:

  • Every construction contractor has an official letterhead for this type of documentations and professional communication. You should print this quotation on the company letterhead.
  • Start by providing the name of the person who is in charge of this job and pricing department and the mention the name of the client along with the date this quotation is being made.
  • Then enlist all of your roofing services along you provide with a small description of each service so that it’s easily understandable for the customer.
  • Then mention the completion time period for each type of service and the rules and regulations to complete the job on time.
  • Provide charges for each kind of service on the list so that the customer can compare it to other contractors.
  • If you are offering some kind of special discount for the client, add that at the end and make sure to mention that this concession is only valid for this particular customer.
  • Approve it by the supervisor and ask him to sign the quote along with the date of validation.

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