October 28, 2020
Electrician Quote Template

Electrician Quotation Template

Basically we need an Electrician when we are building a new house, office or any other place in which we will operate electric appliances such as television, computer, printers, fans and tube lights and these appliances can’t operate without electric power. So we hire an electrician who does all the electric work in the house. On the contrary when there is a short circuit in the house or some appliances broke and it damaged the electric wiring of the entire house, we need an Electrician to change the damaged wires fix the problem in the wiring. There are thousands of electricians out there which claim to be very good and affordable but you can’t decide which electrician you will hire just by picking a random guy or after hearing a sales pitch but you have to research a little bit before you actually hire someone. In the research period you visit each of the electricians, analyze their personality and try to imagine if they are as good as they are saying and you ask them to provide you an Electrician Quotation.

An Electrician Quotation is a document that includes the services an electrician provides you and the prices against each service. This way you can gather this quotation document from various electricians and then you can compare them to find out which one is more convenient according to your situation and which one is more affordable. An Electrician Quote is not something that each electrician has in the office all the time but every time you want to check their prices, you have to ask the supervisor in the workshop to provide you with a price quotation. This quote also includes the terms and conditions for the client so that if he agrees to the conditions, he can hire the electrician or if he has some issues or queries, he can contact the supervisor and see if they can agree on some mutual rules. This way the choice is more efficient and you won’t face any surprises or sudden situation during the electric repair work in your house.

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Electrician Quote Template

Here are the Guidelines to create an Electrician Quotation:

  • Every electrician contractor has an official letterhead for this type of professional communication. You should print this quotation on the company letterhead.
  • Start by providing the name of the person who is in charge of this job and pricing department and the mention the name of the client along with the date this quotation is being made.
  • Then enlist all of the electrician services you provide along with a small description of each service so that it’s easily understandable for the customer.
  • Then provide the completion time period for each type of service and the rules and regulations to complete the job on time.
  • Provide charges for each kind of service on the list so that the customer can compare it to other contractors.
  • If you are offering some kind of special discount for the client, add that at the end and make sure to mention that this concession is only valid for this particular customer.
  • Approve it by the supervisor and ask him to sign the quote along with the date of validation.

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