October 29, 2020
Consultant Quote Template

Consultant Quotation Template

pdf templatesConsultant is a very broad term and it’s not that easy to explain the tasks of a consultant or his job responsibilities. But if we think a little harder, we find out that a consultant is actually an assistant and a supervisor both at a time or we can say that the combination of an assistant and supervisor is a consultant. Consultant is a professional who deals with the customers and acts like a bridge between the clients and the company but at the same time, he also assists the clients and provides them what they want to know about a particular thing. He helps them to choose wisely according to their situation and their needs. Mostly these consultant works alone in their private offices but some companies also hire them on permanent basis. But when it comes to an individual, not everyone can afford to hire a consultant on permanent basis but we just have to hire them when we need them. There are also many firms who assist individuals to find a right consultant according to their particular situation but you don’t need them, you can do it by yourself.

People usually just go and hire a consultant which someone recommended to them but that not a good thing to do. You can’t say a consultant who suited your friend, will also suite you or you will find the solution of your problem from the same guy. The correct way to hire a consultant is to do a little research or survey before making a final decision. In this research procedure, you visit number of consultant, ask about their services, find out if they are as good as they say and ask them to provide you the consultancy price quotation. A quotation is a document which companies provide to their clients on demand and it’s actually the price list for each company. This quotation shows the services a consultancy firm is providing to its customers and the price for each kind of service.

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Consultant Quote Template

Here are the Guidelines to create a Consultant Quotation:

  • It’s essential that this quotation is prepared on the company’s official letterhead because this way, you can claim it in case of any misunderstanding or dispute in the future.
  • Always mention your registration number which is assigned by the government agencies so that you can provide your consultancy services to the clients.
  • Provide the name of the consultant who will handle this particular client who has requested this quote along with the name and contact information of the client too.
  • Then enlist all the consultancy services you provide to your clients and in case you deal in a lot of fields, you should make separate categories for each kind of services.
  • Then mention the charges in return of each service along with the payment procedure and duration to pay in full.
  • If you are offering some special discounts to this particular client, mention that here.
  • Provide your terms and conditions so that the client can read them and you can agree on a mutual ground.
  • Authorize the quote by your supervisor and hand it over to the client.

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