December 1, 2020
Cleaning Invoice Template

Cleaning Invoice Template

pdf templatesCleaning Invoice as its name suggest is created in Cleaning Industry to send customers being served. This Cleaning Invoice Template is created using Microsoft and can easily be used by any Cleaning Company to create professional invoices quickly without spending too much time on standard invoice format. This template allows you to list down services with description to bill to your customer no matter if it is a car cleaning business or normal house/office premises cleaning. You can easily list down services performed along with its rates to help customer understand it perfectly before payment.  It is also very common that companies maintain a record of their regular customers and introduce some kind of loyalty programs to compensate and issue rewards to their regular customers. Customer can easily use these points themselves or can refer them to their fellows or family members, so they can also get benefit from your great services.

Free Cleaning Invoice Template

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Cleaning Invoice Template

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Cleaning invoice contains the company name at the upper side of the slip along with their complete contact information that can be used at the time any issue. Then invoice is given a serial number for the record. Then customer’s name and address is given for confirmation of the fact that the right person, person who orders the facility will get the service and the invoice as well. If you send your car for cleaning then cleaning invoice include the details and information regarding the car cleaning services. It is up to you what you asked for. Exterior cleaning, interior cleaning and paint or polish etc. has different charges applied. Whatever service the cleaning company provides you will be mentioned on the cleaning invoice for letting you know what you are paying for.

Cleaning Invoice Format Guidelines

Cleaning invoice provides you detail information about the services you ordered and the services that will be fulfilled accordingly. If there is some problem or the issue with the ordered service then it will be mentioned on the slip. The reason behind the unavailability of the service will also mention. In this way a good communication developed between the customer and the service provider. If you hire a cleaning company for your home then you have to pay separately for the rooms, kitchen and the exterior house cleaning. If you order for only one section of your house to be cleaned, for example hire cleaner for the cleaning of your kitchen then you would be charged only for the kitchen.

Cleaning invoice slip contains different section and amount of the service the cleaner provide the customer will be entered into the related section for a clear understanding. Total amount will be summed up at the end, at the bottom of the invoice slip. Payment method is also mentioned on the slip for the convenience of the customer. Some companies only take cash payments while some of them also take credit or debit cards. By mentioning the payment methods a customer can use they make the process of getting payment smoother and faster then old times. Now transparency in payment dealings become a key factor for getting success in any business you are running. So keep your invoice as detailed and simple as you can.