Travel Invoice Template

Travel Invoice is a common term most people usually hear once in his or her life. Whether a person has to travel within a country or internationally, he has to go through the process of traveling issues along with paying according to travel invoice that he may receive when he purchases his ticket before the departure to any place he intended to go. Travel invoice includes charges according to distance and services provided to the traveler or the customer. It also includes the charges of the food and miscellaneous items in a travel invoice. Travel invoices vary according to the traveling company and besides the type of traveling vehicle you choose. However, every invoice carried collective sections that are understandable by a common man easily to minimize the possibilities of misunderstandings and any kind of confusions between the service provider and the client.

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Travel Invoice Template

Travel invoice contains the name of the travel agency which provided you the service or the company you choose to facilitate you in your traveling purpose. Most of the times a person has to book tickets sooner before a month or half of the month to get a seat at his own suitable time and date. And usually one has to pay in advance for the ticket, and a travel invoice is delivering to the client for ensuring him about the ticket he bought and travel invoice is sometimes worked as a confirmation slip for the client. It includes date and time since the departure along with the time when concerned person has to be on the station or the air port or the sea port whatever platform customer required to start traveling from. Thus, invoice may also work as a record slip for the customer as well as for the company or traveling agency about the customer’s booking. It in addition has the flight number and invoice’s serial number. Invoice must carry its individual serial number for making its record of the file system and easy to find out in case of some inconvenience.

Travel invoice also contains some significant information at the back of the slips that are important to know for the traveler. It included terms and conditions according to the company’s policy for the safety and understanding with the customer about the traveling conditions he has to follow and may face during his travel. Total price has to be disclosed by the agent to the client before delivering him the slip because it is now in law that no agent is allowed to hide any kind of expenditure from the client, whether it will be the fee of the agent for providing services to the customer. Every minor detail has to be mentioned on the travel slip, and valid companies are following this rule. That is the reason that people prefer to deal with companies who earned a decent repute, whether they are charging a bit more than other usual private companies. Charges or the fine in case of cancellation of the ticket and the non-refundable costs also mention on the slip.

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