Freight Quote Template

To carry goods in large quantity, from one location to other with the help of any vehicle, vessel or through air transport, especially in commercial terms, is coined in as freight. The terms freight, cargo and goods delivery are almost the same in the meaning of the services provided by them. The world has been connected through roads, rail tracks, sea routes and over the air with the passage of time. The modes of communication and transportation are of grave importance in the modern business world. Products and goods are being moved from one corner to the other of every city, country and even the world on daily basis.

Freight is the business of transportation of goods from one place to the other by road trucks, railway, carrier ships or cargo planes. There are large companies involved in this business in the present world. The business has emerged into a large industry and effects the lives of millions daily. The customers related to the freight services are both from individual and corporate sector of almost every industry. It might be a person buying or selling raw goods from or to someone in another place far away or might be a large company buying raw product for their production or sending their goods to their customers or dealers. This business involves every kind of cargo and deals for one time transport to contracted transports are done.

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Freight Quote Template

Like all other businesses, quotations are also a part of freight or cargo business. These quotes include all the service charges, any other charges spent during delivery, taxes and terms or conditions etc. Quotations serve the purpose of both estimation of charges and necessary details required for the transport of goods. There are a few handy tips which might be of great help if you are creating a quotation and you are in this business. Take some time to have a look on the following:

  • Freight quotations for different transport types are different e.g. road transport, rail road transport, sea transport and air transport have different types of quotations and include different details.
  • Necessary details about the company should be listed on the top and it is advisable to have a printed letter pad for your freight company.
  • Destination and pick up details should be listed and the distance should be calculated in order to specify the shipment or delivery charges.
  • Time required to deliver the goods should be mentioned in days, weeks etc. depending upon the distance, because international transport of goods using sea routes usually takes weeks to months.
  • Route details should be mentioned and toll taxes transport charges and other service charges should be mentioned clearly to avoid any ambiguity.
  • Detail of the freight type and quantity or weight should be mentioned.
  • The contact details of owners and the receivers should be mentioned for any legal issues, if encountered at a later time.
  • And finally the quotation should have a section which specifies all the terms and conditions which apply to your type of transport and claims and warranty policies for the reference of both sender of goods and the receiver as well.

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