Dental Consultancy Quote Template

The advancement in the lifestyle of modern world is just breath taking and the inventions made the lives very easy and comfortable. But where there is such development in the life style and facilities, the modern world also faces a lot many risks to the human life and health. A large number of diseases are present today which were unknown to the ancient life because of their healthy life style and nutritious and pure diet. One of the major health hazards the world faces today are regarding the dental health of humans. Teeth are indeed one of the many blessings of God Almighty and it is impossible to even think of a beautiful life without teeth in the gums.

The profession which deals with the oral health and problems of teeth is called dentistry and the person dealing with such issues is called a dentist and this whole procedure of getting the teeth checked up and cured is associated with the term dental. Dentistry has now become a major portion of the modern medical science since the available diets are affecting the oral hygiene to a much greater extent. People need to have a regular check up with their dentist and or need to have performed some extra activity on their teeth to remain safe from oral diseases.

It is quite interesting to note that business of dentistry is now much developed. The patients have a large variety of dental clinics and dentists available and everyone can get served according to their need and pocket. Hence quotes or quotations have also become very common in this field. Quotes are the documents, which specify an estimation of a required service, and relevant details to it like time required, the cost of such service being provided and any other terms and conditions or requirements.

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Dental Quote Template

Dentists provide the patients or more precisely customers a quote which has the details of the problems, and the solutions which might be applicable to the case and all the expenses which will occur during the whole procedure. It can be either a simple cleansing, or crowning of one’s teeth, or may require a complete surgery and in some cases a long term cure like braces are required. No matter what is the case, the patients like to consider different dentists or clinics and then decide where to actually get treated from; so a quote is of much interest for them. To create a quote or quotation for such dental treatment a few tips are mentioned which might help in one way or the other.

  • Dental quotations can be either about one time treatment or a complete dental plan for months or even years. So clearly mention the type of quotation you are giving.
  • In case of long term or packaged quotation, clearly mention all the terms and conditions which this package holds.
  • One time treatment quotation should mention the problem and its available solution at your clinic.
  • Such quotations should have the prices of all the services and if any medications included, should have their prices mentioned as a separate clause.
  • Long term or monthly/yearly plan quotations shall mention the whole price instead of cost of each service separately. But it must mention what is included in this price.

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