Medical Quotation Template

Life is very uncertain and we can’t guess what will happen the next moment or the next day. We can’t stop anything from happening but we can prepare ourselves for the sudden events and incidents. This is the key reason that most companies and organizations hire professional medical staff for their employees or just make an agreement with some hospital that will treat their patients on lower costs as compared to other medical facilities. Multinational companies always care about their employees and they buy medical insurance for their employees so that if something happens to anyone, the insurance will cover the most of the expenses. Schools on the other hand, hire a physician and health instructors to make sure that their students are in great health and they are growing in the way they are supposed to. Mostly schools ask these physicians to pay weekly visits to their facility, checkup each child and make sure that they are in good shape.

Before you hire any medical staff for your employees or students, you need to make sure that they will fulfill all your needs and you can afford the extra expenses easily. For example you make a contract with a hospital that it will treat all your employees but when a worker is admitted to the hospital, it’s reported that this hospital has no senior surgeon to operate the patient. This is why if you want to hire a medical team for your company or school, you need to conduct a little survey before you make a deal with anyone. The right way to do so is to visit number of hospitals and private health centers and ask for their price quotations. A medical price quote is a document that enlists all the services a hospital or clinic is providing and the charges for each of them. This way when you have prices of various hospitals, you can compare them and come up with better choice. You can make sure that the hospital you have chosen is right for you and you will be able to afford their charges.

Here is preview of this Free Sample Medical Quotation Template created using MS Word,

Medical Quote Template

Here are the Guidelines to create a Medical Quotation:

  • Make sure that you are preparing the quotation on your official letterhead so that you can claim it in case of any dispute or misunderstanding.
  • Start by mentioning the name of your hospital or clinic along with the registration number that is assigned to you by the government authorities.
  • Then provide the list of doctors, physicians and health instructors you will provide to your client or in case of medical insurance procedure, mention the services you are bound to offer to the client.
  • Always mention the name of each client on the quotation so that no one else can claim it to your administration.
  • If you have different medical policies for different budget schemes, mention that in separate categories. For example A class includes the serious injuries and major surgeries where B class includes only minor operations and delivery procedures and C class includes just the health instructions and routine checkups.
  •  In front of each scheme or service, mention the charges either monthly or annually.
  • If you are offering any kind of discount to the client, mention that at the end of the quote and then approve it from an authorized person and hand it over to the client.

Here is download link for the Medical Quotation Template shown above,


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