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A quote is a saying or a particular phrase that someone used once and then it’s become popular in the world. Quote is mainly a sentence that a person once said to describe something or someone which with the passage of time, proved to be true and people started using it in their routine communications. Generally the quotes come from the books that greatest writers of the world wrote in the past and when people analyzed that this saying is true or fulfills the characteristics of a specific nation, community of race of people, it’s become universal truth which people use in the vocabulary around the globe. For example William Shakespeare, who is the single greatest novelist and drama writer in the history of the world, said hundreds of legendary quotes which we use in our daily lives without knowing that this particular quote has a whole history behind it. He once said that “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none”. This quote explains that the love is the most important element in the lives of humans and we should treat people with love but in the second part of this quote, he says that don’t trust anyone you see or meet. On another occasion, he said that people don’t disappoint us, our expectations do.

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Canadian Quote Template

There are thousands of quotes which are said and being used to describe a particular nation or race of human being. For example Muslims say that never trust a person who is swears on everything. Same like that there are many quotes about the Canadian people too. These quotes came into existence when people who lived with the Canadians, analyzed their behavior, customs and social activities and described these habits or customs in their communication with other nations and when others found out that these sayings are true, it’s become quotes about Canadians.

Here are some of the most famous Canadian quotes with a little explanation to understand the context and meaning of each:

  • “Every country is like a particular type of person. America is like a belligerent adolescent boy, Canada is like an intelligent 35 years old woman and Australia is like Jack Nicholson”. This quote explains the decision making and wisdom of Americans, Canadians and Australians and the writer explains that Canadians are like a wise middle aged woman when they decide something.
  • “Some countries you love some countries you hate but Canada is a country you worry about”. This describes that people actually don’t hate the Canadians but they are just worry about the habits and cultural of Canadians.
  • “A Canadian is someone who knows how to make love in a canoe without tipping it”. This quote may seems like offensive but when a research was conducted, about 8% of Canadians excepted that they had sex in a canoe which explains that this quote is true about the sex habits of Canadians.
  • “The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation”. This particular quote was said by Pierre Trudeau who was against a bill in the congress of Canada which was related to the personal aspects of people such as divorce and gay marriages.
  • “Canada has never been a melting pot; more like a tossed salad”. This quote explains that Canadians are more subdued as compared to other nations and they choose not to show the pride on their sleeves which means.

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