Small Business Quotation Template

With the passage of time, the means of buying and selling have totally changed. Man started from the barter system in the ancient times and the process has evolved into the most advanced forms of buying and selling over the internet known as e-business. This whole lot process of evolution gave birth to the businesses, small and large at the same time. Small business can be of any type from a shop to a home based online store where people sell their products or it can even be a small group of workers who provide services to the customers at their facilities; all these and several others can be categorized as small business.

Business is about selling and buying, either products or services, dealing with the customers and other business related things. The customers or buyers from such businesses are mostly people, instead of organizations or larger firms. These people are always looking for better deals in their required products or services and that too with a lower cost. The customers might want to do a little survey of the market before going to decide about availing any such service or buying a product they need to; so the thing which people want the small business owners to provide at first hand is a quotation before proceeding to the deals.

In such way they might be able to have a general idea about the prices and the details related with the stuff they are going to purchase. Small business quotations are for price and service estimations and they can either be made a hard copy i.e. to get a print to hand over to a customer or can be in soft form if it is about an online business.

Here is preview of this Small Business Quotation Template,

small business quotation template

Small business quotations should have a specific theme to be followed and required details to be included. The following tips might come in handy while preparing quotations for a small business deal or sale-purchase. Take a look at the following:

  • Quotation should have the name of business at the top most line. If you plan to prepare hand written quotes, a printed letter pad of your business name is a good idea to follow so as to save time and effort writing your company or business details every time you write a quote.
  • Business address and other contact details should be there for the ease of customer approach.
  • Quotation should have the date and the name of customer, the quotation is to be prepared for.
  • Following that, the quotation should state the items or services about which the quotation is being prepared. It can be a single or a list of things.
  • Next to that, make pricing details where each and everything is to be clearly mentioned with their costs, such that it creates no misunderstanding at a further stage of your business deals.
  • Any other terms and conditions which might apply to the products like guarantee or warranty, and any extra costs for the services you are providing should be listed in the quotation for customers’ reference.
  • And finally it should be stamped and signed by someone responsible at your business.

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Download Small Business Quotation Template


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