Vehicle Quotation Template

Negotiation is a necessary part of buying or selling something in our regular lives. Some people don’t like bargaining and when they decide to buy something, they don’t care about the price and just buy it on the price the seller asked them to but most of us always bargain before buying something either it’s important or not, expensive or cheap. The best way to buy something is to do a little research before you actually decide to buy if from a supplier. That research includes the products two or more suppliers are selling, prices of those products, characteristics and the delivery time for the order. This way when you compare the prices of those suppliers, you can choose more efficiently by comparing their prices and the qualities their products have. This price is sometime given already in the seller’s office or shop but most of the times; the customer has to ask for the price of a product. In return, that supplier prepares a document that is called a price quotation and it contains the price that supplier can afford easily.

In this particular case, a vehicle quotation is the price list that a car dealer provides you. Buying or selling vehicles is a very common thing and we often do this task periodically i.e. annually or after every 2 to 3 years. If you want to buy a new or used car, you should do it on immediate basis but you should visit various car dealers so that you can compare their prices and then verify which one of them is cheaper but has the best deal. In order to do so, you need to go to each dealer, select your car and ask for the vehicle quotation. This quote includes the specifications of the vehicle you have selected and the minimum price that the dealer can offer you. When you have various quotations in your hand gathered from different dealers, you can compare the specs of each car and see which dealer is giving you the lowest rate. Also it’s important to discuss that when a dealer provided you a vehicle quote, he probably says that this is the final and last offer but actually if you play well, you can convince him to lessen about $300 to $500 more on the vehicle.

Here is preview of this Vehicle Quotation Template,

Vehicle Quote Template

Here are the Guidelines to create a Vehicle Quotation:

  • If you are a professional dealer, you should make this quotation on a company letterhead.
  • Start by mentioning your name along with phone number and contact address. Then mention the name of the client that asked for this quotation along with the date.
  • Then provide the specifications of a particular vehicle which you wants to buy or sell to that customer.
  • Then provide the minimum price you can offer for the vehicle you are selling and the maximum price you can offer for the vehicle you want to buy.
  • Then mention your conditions and rules if the customer wants to seal the deal with you.
  • If you are offering a special discount for the client, mention that at the end of the quote.
  • Sign it by yourself or approve it by the supervisor first and then hand it over to the customer.

Here is download link of this Vehicle Quotation Template,

Download  Vehicle Quotation Template

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