Travel Quotation Template

When it comes to travelling or going on a long trip, there are many things or elements that need to be taken care of. You have to decide what to pack, which things are more important to take and which supplies you can find once you reach the destination and which way you will travel. No matter how much you plan or which techniques you use, there are some things that you can’t control and sooner or later, you will face something strange or meet an unplanned situation during your travelling so you have to prepare yourself for that kind of unusual situation like robbery or accident etc. This is the place where a travelling quote which is also called travelling insurance comes handy and it benefits you in the uncommon or unfortunate situations during your travelling. Although the science and technology has made our lives very luxuries but the fact is that still we can’t be certain about the age and health of a person and especially when we are travelling, we don’t know which type of circumstances we will face during that time. A travelling quote makes it simpler for us to stop worrying about these factors and when the time comes, it covers all of our expenses.

There are number of types of travelling quotations which depend upon the way you are travelling and the duration you will be in the journey or at the other location. The most important and common quote is the trip cancellation or interruption quote/insurance. This quote compensates you if your trip is cancelled due to number of reasons such as bad weather, injury, death, bankruptcy of the airline or any other travelling company. Another quote is called terrorist quote in which you get the benefits if your trip is cancelled by the government orders which state that you can’t travel to a place where a terrorist attack is expected. Another very important travelling quote is the medical quote. This particular insurance is very helpful and comes handy when you travel to underdeveloped countries which don’t have all the medical facilities or when you have a companion who can suffer from a serious illness during the travelling and you want the insurance to cover those medical expenses in another country.

Here is preview of this Travel Quotation Template,

Travel Quote Template

Here are the Guidelines to create a travel Quotation:

  • It’s essential that this quotation is prepared on the company’s official letterhead because this way, you can claim it in case of any misunderstanding or dispute in the future.
  • Always mention your registration number which is assigned by the government agencies so that you can provide your insurance services to the clients.
  • Provide the name of the coordinator or insurance agent who will handle this particular client who has requested this quote along with the name and contact information of the client too.
  • Then enlist all the insurance services or packages you provide to your clients and in case you deal in a lot of areas, you should make separate categories for each kind of package.
  • Then mention the charges of each type if insurance policy along with the payment procedure and duration to pay in full.
  • If you are offering some special discounts to this particular client, mention that here.
  • Provide your terms and conditions so that the client can read them and you can agree on a mutual ground.
  • Authorize the quote by your supervisor and hand it over to the client.

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Download Travel Quote Template

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