Hotel Quotation Template

As the world has become a global village and people often travel to various destinations in order to have a weekend with family or on a business tour, they need some place to stay at these destinations. A place where they can take rest and stay for a while until the tour is over and they come back to their home towns. When you are on a trip to another city or country, hotels are everywhere at your service. You can stay in any hotel depending on the money you have in your pocket or the limit of expenses your company has allowed to make. Hotels are there for people to stay but that doesn’t mean that you can stay in any hotel that you want or like. There are some hotels that cost more than an average person’s annual income only for one night and there are some hotels which provide you a nice room for few bucks. The main difference in the prices of these hotels is due to the services provided in there and they facilities one can enjoy during his or her stay.

If it’s a business trip you are going to and your hotel charges will be paid by your company, you don’t need to worry about the prices or room services charges but if you are going on personal trip i.e. with your family members, you need to do a little research on the hotel prices in the city where you are going. This way you can see which hotel is providing better facilities and services that other and which one is cheaper and affordable according to your budget plans. If you belong to a middle class family, it won’t be possible for you to just check-in in any hotel room and stay as long as you want but you have to calculate the expenses and the money you have in your pocket before you make the reservation. To do so, you need to ask for the hotel quotations from each hotel. A hotel quote is a document that enlists all the services provided at a particular hotel and the changes for each service. This quote is only provided on customer’s demand and you can get one from any hotel. This way when you have various hotel quotations, you can compare which hotel provided the services that suit you the best and which hotel is affordable for you.

Here is preview of this Hotel Quotation Template,

Hotel quote template

Here are the Guidelines to create a Hotel Quotation:

  • It’s better if you prepare this quote on your official letterhead because this way it looks more professional.
  • Provide the name of the customer who asked for the quote so that there won’t be any misunderstanding with any other customer who will ask you to provide the room as you have written on this particular quote.
  • Then provide the list of the rooms, services and facilities you have in your hotel in categorical manner so it’s easier to read and understand.
  • Then provide the charges for each kind of service and facility in your hotel.
  • If necessary, provide a date until the quote is valid and after that it will be considered as expired.
  • If you are offering some kind of special discount services for the customer, mention that at the end of the quote along with the saved amount on the bills.
  • Sign it by an authorized person and then hand it over to the customer.

Here is download link of this Hotel Quotation Template,

Download Hotel Quote Template

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