Photography Quotation Template

We all have those precious moments in our lives that we don’t want to forget ever. Depending on the life one is living, these joyful occasions come very often in our lives and before we know it, here is another event that we need to remember and so on. But the problem is that we can’t remember each and every little detail about every beautiful moment we ever had in our lives. To make that possible, we take pictures. This is the reason that no matter it’s a wedding ceremony, a birthday event or a house warming party, we always put the photography in most important and primary elements. It sounds like a wonderful idea to capture all the remarkable moments so that even after ten or twenty years, you will be able to remember all that just by looking at the pictures you took that time. But the problem is that not all of us can afford the services of a professional photographer and if we don’t do that, we can’t take those good pictures. So there is got to be some other way so that we can still capture these moments and it doesn’t exceed out budget limits too.

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Photographer Quote Template

The solution is that when you want to hire a photographer for an event, don’t just hire a random guy but you need to do a little research before you sign the contract with one. In this research, you visit number of photographers, see their portfolios and analyze their charges. To do so, you need to ask for photography quotation from each one of them. A photography quote is a document that includes the services a photographer provides and the charges for each kind of service or ceremony. When you have all that information from various photographers, you can compare their prices and see which one has the best services yet cheaper than others. This way by comparing the prices of each photographer, you can see how much each is costing for a particular ceremony or a specific type of photography so that you can hire more than one professional for different occasions.

Here are the Guidelines to create a Photography Quotation:

  • It’s better if you make this quotation on your company’s letterhead because it’s more professional looking this way.
  • Start by putting your name on the quote document and then provide the name of the customer who wants this quote. If you need, provide the date too.
  • Then enlist all the photography services you are providing for the clients along with the name of photographers for each kind of service.
  • Then mention the price or charges against each kind of service and if it’s necessary, also provide the payment schedule and time.
  • Then mention your conditions and regulations which you want your customer to agree upon such as during the ceremony, your photographer won’t stay in a hotel less than 4 stars or the assigned photographer only eats vegetarian food etc.
  • If you are offering special discounts to that customer, mention that at the end along with the saved amount due to the discount.
  • Approve it by the supervisor by getting his signature on it and then hand it over to the customer.

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Download Photography Quote Template

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